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How to Inspect and Maintain Drum Brake Parts

date 2023-04-24

How to Inspect and Maintain Drum Brake Parts


When it comes to inspecting and maintaining drum brake parts, professionals know that safety is a top priority. They advise against using compressed air to blow away dust and instead recommend saturating it with brake parts spray while wearing a mask. A visual inspection of brake components is the only reliable method for determining their condition, which requires removing the brake drum to do so.


The inspection process for drum brakes is more thorough than for disc brakes, which have fewer components and are easier to service. Professionals recommend inspecting both front and rear brakes regularly, replacing brake shoes when the remaining friction material measures at 2mm or less. They also suggest test driving the car to ensure proper brake function. With proper inspection and maintenance, drum brake parts can provide reliable and safe stopping power for years to come.


The Differences Between Drum Brakes and Disc Brakes


Drum brakes and disc brakes are two of the most common types of brake systems used in vehicles. While they share the same purpose of slowing down or stopping a vehicle, they have some notable differences. Disc brakes are generally more expensive because their design is technologically superior and more advanced than that of drum brakes. The disc braking system comes with a ventilation feature that helps keep the brakes cool, while drum brakes do not. Additionally, disc brakes are generally more effective and reliable than drum brakes, but they do have their limitations.


Drum brakes, on the other hand, are less efficient and require more time to stop the engine, but they are typically characterized by a long-life system and require less maintenance than disc-brake systems. It is also worth noting that disc-brake systems are generally more expensive than drum brakes, which can impact new-car pricing and the cost of repairs. Ultimately, the choice of brake system will depend on a variety of factors, including the intended use of the vehicle and the driver's personal preferences.


How to Replace Drum Brake Shoes and Other Parts


When it comes to replacing drum brake shoes and related parts, there are a few steps that should be followed to ensure a successful and safe outcome. The first step is to clean and lubricate the backing plate. This involves loosening the lugs, jacking the car up, and putting it on jack stands before removing the brake drum and shoes. Once the shoes are removed, the brake shoe retaining pins should be taken out. With riveted linings, it's important to replace the shoes well.


The replacement of drum brake hardware is a requirement for a drum brake replacement. If the drum is rusty, a few hits with a sledgehammer on each side can help dislodge it and reveal the pads underneath. By following these steps, novices and professionals alike can successfully replace drum brake shoes and related parts.


Understanding the Different Types of Drum Brake Systems


Understanding the Different Types of Drum Brake Systems requires a basic knowledge of their components and functions. A typical drum brake consists of a brake chamber, push rod, slack adjuster, S-cam (camshaft), rollers, shoes, lining, drum, and return spring. There are mainly three types of drum brakes- Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic assisted. Each type operates through a hydraulic brake system, but leading/trailing or twin-leading classification determines the design of the brake.


The duo servo is another drum brake system with unique brake shoe arrangements. The maintenance and inspection of drum brake systems should be performed regularly to ensure their optimal performance. The industry-standard Hydraulic drum brake system became popular in the late '30s, designed by leading brands like Bendix, Wagner, Chrysler, Lockheed, and Huck. While disc brakes are now prevalent in modern cars, drum brakes remain relevant in many vehicles, and understanding the different types can help keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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