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How does the China brake chamber work

date 2021-12-07

About China brake chamber:


How does the China brake chamber work?

The working principle of the China brake chamber is: when the vehicle brakes, compressed air enters the first air chamber through the air inlet, acts on the diaphragm, moves to the right against the compression spring, and generates a braking force that acts on the gap and adjusts the arm to brake the wheel.

China brake chamber

When the pressure in the first chamber decreases, the compression spring pushes the diaphragm and push plate back into place. During parking brake, when the pressure in the second chamber is fully or partially deflated, the compression spring will brake the wheel through the piston and the push rod. When there is no pressure in the second chamber, the braking force is maximum.

Since the braking force comes from mechanical braking, that is, compression spring force, the spring cavity can be used for parking brake. When the brake is released, the pressure in the second chamber increases through the other port. Mechanical release mechanism: In an emergency, the double-chamber air chamber has a mechanical release device with a spring chamber. If the pressure on the other port is zero, use a wrench to loosen the screw to release the parking brake.

China brake chamber has these advantages

1. Due to the energy storage effect of the double-chamber air chamber, the vehicle can maintain a good braking state when the vehicle is parked for a long time.

2. Due to the parking brake function, the parking brake is safer and more reliable.

3. When the tractor is separated from the trailer, the trailer can brake by itself and is in a good braking state.

The brake air chamber of the China brake chamber is also called the sub-cylinder. Its function is to convert the pressure of compressed air into the force of the mechanism to rotate the brake camshaft to realize the braking action. The brake chamber is a clamp diaphragm type. The front and rear brake chambers are of different sizes, but the structure is basically the same.

Brake chambers are available in various sizes and types to fit different vehicle applications. The most common types of brake chambers are single-diaphragm and double-diaphragm. Single-diaphragm brake chambers are suitable for lighter vehicles, while double-diaphragm brake chambers are ideal for heavier vehicles. In addition, brake chambers can also be classified by their pushrod stroke length, which is the distance that the pushrod travels when the brake is applied.

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