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Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler
Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler

Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler

Slack Adjuster/Manual Slack Adjuster-European Type

Type:Slack Adjuste



Classification:Air Brake

Drum Brakes Classification:Slack Adjuste

Main Market:Eastern Europe

Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler - Longway Machinery

  • Model NO. 1070G Product Name Manual Slack Adjuster for European Marke(Lz1070g)
    Part No 1070G OE No
    Avaliable Packing Neatural Packing / Color Box Transport Package Neutral Packing or Color Box
    Arm Hole Length 
    Yellow Zinc / Black
    1 1/2"10
    Origin China HS Code 870830950


  •        Main Products from LONGWAY:

           1. Manual and automatic slack adjusters, all types

           2. Air brake chambers, all types

           3. Brake shoes, brake linings and brake shoe hardware kits

           4. S-camshaft and s-camshaft hardware kits

           5. Air brake line and air brake hoses

           6. Air brake valves

           7. Hub caps

           8. Glad hand / Palm coupling

  • About Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler:


    The high-quality products of Manual slack adjusters Manufacturer Hangzhou Longway Machinery mainly include Manual & automatic slack adjusters for European, American, Japanese, and South Korean market; Brake s-camshafts and repair kits; Spring brake chambers; Manual Slack Adjuster-European Type; Air brake valves; Quick release valve assemblies; Quick couplings assemblies; High-strength bolts and nuts, holders nylon washer chains, etc. nearly one thousand sorts and more than a dozen of series. Manual slack adjusters Manufacturer Longway Machinery is one of the leading Brake chamber, Automatic slack adjuster OEM, Suppliers. 


    Manual Slack Adjuster-European Type


    Longway Machinery Automatic slack adjuster wholesaler


    Mainly apply for: BPW, Volvo, YORK, SCANIA, TRAILER, ROR SAF, FREHAUF, MERCEDES, MAN, ZF, DAF, RENAUT, RABA, NEOPLAN, TEC, SMB, RVI, BENDIX, MERITOR, SPICER, EATON, UNIVERSAL, WAGNER, HENDRICKSON, DEXTER, MACK, HINO, Nissan, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU and so on. To buy Manual slack adjusters, look for Longway Machinery, a manufacturer specializing in the production of Manual slack adjusters. We have long-term cooperation agents in dozens of foreign countries and regions. At the same time, we welcome more new and old customers to cooperate with us, with many styles and low prices. Good quality, large quantity and low price. For wholesale Brake chamber, choose brake chamber Manufacturer Longway Machinery, the manufacturer of Manual Slack Adjuster-European Type. Your trust is our greatest motivation.


    Automatic slack adjuster is the most common type of equipment in our lives. In the actual processing and production process, Automatic slack adjuster needs good quality.


    The working principle of the Automatic slack adjuster: There will be a centrifugal adjusting device throughout the process, in this case, the liquid passing through it will be adjusted accordingly. In this process, the Automatic slack adjuster can meet the corresponding adjustment requirements, so it can naturally make corresponding adjustments during use.


    During the operation of the Automatic slack adjuster, the entire adjuster will be affected by the adjustment of the centrifugal device. For its automatic adjustment, it naturally depends on what kind of traffic the Automatic slack adjuster adapts to. And in this process, there will be a horizontal link, which will adjust the entire speed accordingly, so it can also achieve the purpose of automatic adjustment. Of course, there will be many valves for control in the process, so the entire product can be controlled accordingly.


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    Manual Slack Adjuster-European Type

  •   Q: Are you a trading company or factory?

      A: We are the manufacturer with trading company independent.


        Q: What's the MOQ for each item?

      A: Usually the MOQ is 50pcs for each type. If a color box is requested, the MOQ is 200pcs.


      Q: What about the delivery time?

      A: It's about 30 to 45 days for the goods to need to be manufactured, based on your order.


      Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

      A: Basically, the lifetime of the automatic slack can reach 2 years or 200 thousand kilometers under normal use, no over loading and the road condition is good.

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