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How does the brake chamber work

date 2021-11-26

About Brake chamber:

How does the brake chamber work? What is the principle of action?

There will be a variety of different processing methods in the actual processing of the products of the brake chamber. That is from the existing situation. When we choose the brake chamber product, we will also consider existing product model. How to effectively process the brake chamber products during the processing? What is the principle of the product?

How does the brake chamber work

1. Introduction to the brake chamber

The biggest function of the brake air chamber is that it can completely convert all the pressure of the compressed air into the mechanical force of the rotation of the brake product in a short time, so that all the braking actions can be effectively realized.

2. The processing principle of the brake chamber

When the brake chamber is processed, there will be various processing principles, but from the current situation, the product is processed from the shell or the entire product cover, all of which are made of steel plate. It is made by stamping and can be tightly connected by bolts or by some other things, so that the whole shell can be formed. There are many rubber diaphragms between products, and the entire diaphragm shell can be divided into two isolated air chambers. Various brake valves will be formed between the diaphragm and the cover, and the gas between the entire housing is usually quite large. If it is in a free state, basically there will be tightness between the diaphragm and the cover. On the other hand, the push rod and the disc will be in contact with each other, and the end face between the disc and the shell will be equipped with a spring.

What are the principles of the brake chamber during processing? The above principles can be better highlighted. If you want to release the brake, compressed air can quickly exhaust the valve gas.

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